Interactive Training in Earthquake Engineering

In 2018 starts an interactive training programme, initiated by EPI-kenniscentrum in collaboration with Hanze University of Applied Sciences and “BuildinG”. ‘Hanze Research Group on Earthquake Resistant Structures’ has prepared a course programme.

An educative shake table, seismic sensors as well as simple structural demonstration systems will be used to enrich the training, with interactive tasks. The training will take place over a course of six weeks (one day a week) at the new seismic testing facility in the region, at the “BuildinG” Knowledge and innovation center situated in Groningen.

The content of the course will span from dynamics of structures to strong ground motion, from the basics of numerical modelling to seismic assessment and strengthening.

The target group of the training programme are professional structural engineers. We are aiming to facilitate contact between the professionals and students of the Hanze University Structural Engineering, as well as students from other universities.

The training will be given by Professor Ihsan Engin Bal, Senior Lecturer Dr Eleni Smyrou and Jelle Pama (MSc) who is also the Programme Leader at “BuildinG”. PhD students and members of the Hanze Research Group will assist during the training.

There are limited spaces available for students so please register quickly. For professionals there is no limit.

Interested? Send an email to

12 juli 2017 | Activiteiten, Nieuws